Canadian Women's Network

Connecting Canadian female founders with global leaders

About CWN

The Canadian Women’s Network (CWN) is the preeminent community that connects Canadian female founders with our influential network of US investors, operators and executive leaders to help them grow locally and scale globally.

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CWN’s program gave us a year's worth of learning in 4 days. 

— Keren Moynihan, Co-Founder & CEO @ Boss Insights

We leverage the power of our Silicon Valley network and CWN Connectors
to deliver educational programs and key resources to founders leading
high-growth businesses under $5M who want to access Silicon Valley’s connections, expertise, and capital.  


We tap into experts, provide access to capital, and coach our members to develop a game-changing mindset. Unlike other programs, CWN connects Canadian female tech founders and women executives to world-class expertise and capital when it is needed the most, allowing them to grow 10 – 20 x faster than they could on their own.

What People Say About CWN

"Our vision is to coach, inspire, connect, and champion Canadian female founders and women working in startups - regardless of where they live or where they are building their companies. And we sincerely hope you will join us!"

Joanne Fedeyko
Founder & CEO of the CWN

How To Get Involved

  1. It's Lonely at the Top: Join like-minded, kick-ass women who are building businesses and want to make a positive impact in the world. 
  2. Become a Connector: We invite women and men interested in supporting Canadian female founders and growing technology startups to join as a Connector and give back as part of this exclusive network.
  3. Speaking opportunities: We're always looking for our Connectors to host roundtables, present a webinar, offer mentor sessions, as well as speak at our events. 
  4. Apply to a future cohort: Canadian female founders or women in decision-making positions can apply to our cohort programs.
  5. Partnership opportunities: If you would like to support our initiative please contact us.

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